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Welcome to our website,

Years of retail & wholesale expertise paved our way to become a dynamic & leading wholesale distribution network in the United Kingdom. Identifying retailer’s needs and knowing how to address them, shaped our business principles.

Started to wholesale trade by becoming UK Distributor of MERAY and KEREM Nuts in 2013.

Nowadays, we are serving a little shy of 1,000 retail point and national retailers. Distributing over 20 well-known brands including Gullon, Haci Bekir, Mila, Loretta, Haribo, Tempo Sweets, Kent Boringer, Candybar and more, we became one big family.

Group of four companies focuses on specific areas of the supply chain,

IMPEX PRO LTD focuses on product development and procurement for the group.

IMPEX FOODS SOUTH LTD serves to Southern half the country.

IMPEX FOODS MIDLANDS LTD reaches Northern part of the United Kingdom

MAXXI UK LTD coordinates storage, logistics and marketing activities for the group.

It has been an astonishing journey since 2013 and undoubtedly it will continue to be so. 

Our sincere thanks to all who enriched this journey…